Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DIY Oil Sharpie Mug

                                     DIY Oil Sharpie Mug

So, I've seen this around for quite some time and I wanted to try it and as in last blog I described the many people I had to gift for, and they all love coffee I decided this would be the perfect opportunity.

First things first.
When I first seen that I was so excited! I have maybe 100 sharpies laying around here and  was it so simple to create personal eatery so easy!? 
Then I got to snooping.
Regular Sharpie markers just do not work.
But, no worries! Oil based Paint Sharpie Markers do work. :)
So whomever tried (and maybe failed) their projects using regular Sharpies, don't feel bad!
 You were pretty close! 
These little guys can get pricy, but they're well worth it! 

These run about $5 a piece, really not too bad, they last a long time and look great and unless your mug has a lot going on, you'll only need a couple or even just one. 
I bought these three because I wanted some words to be thick and some details petite, I also for some reason really thought I was going to use orange on one mug...? 
Orange and black..for Christmas presents? 
Regular old dollar store mug! 
I got 5 of these mug from the dollar store, I liked their shape! I've heard that the cheaper the mug, the better. Since the glaze isn't exactly great, it heats we'll and absorbs the oil paint in the glaze better.
Makes sense to me!

Draw your design anyway you like!

Don't be afraid to change the design or make mistakes, if you don't like the way it looks, use a paper towel with hot soapy water and the oil paint will come off with a little scrubbing.
The shape of the mug made it harder than I thought it would to write on so I had to start over a couple of times. :)

Let your mugs dry. If you used a lot of paint, I'd say better safe than sorry and let it set overnight. 
These only had writing on them and I didn't lay it on very thick, which seems to work best. I let them dry about 5 hours (mostly because I forgot I had to bake them.) 
Put the mugs in before you preheat. 
This allowed the mug to get hot with the oven. 
Set the oven for 425,
Set your timer for 30 minutes.
After the time is up,  leave the mugs in the oven as it cools down.
These are pretty cheap mugs and the extreme heat to cool probably wouldn't be good. 
Mine were still pretty hot even when I took them out 
so I let them cool a couple hours on a pot holder. 

The finished product!! Turned out great!

I added some small details to each cup.

My friend is from Italy, and very girly, so I added tiny bows and 
"Buongiorno Bella" (Good Morning, Beautiful!) 

The mugs turned out great and all my friends loved the tiny details 
I put into each one to make them special.
That easy and so perfect for any coffee or tea lover :)

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